Wife receives baby hamster from insensitive husband after miscarriage.

A miscarriage is a devastating experience for any parent and a husband in an attempt to cheer up his sorrowful wife, decided to buy her a baby hamster as a gift and brighten up her day by asking her to be the hamster’s new mom.

The plan backfired horribly..

Here’s what he wrote on his reddit account

Me and my wife have been married for almost two years. Its been our dream to have a big family. She is 21, i am 24. We are both healthy and have an active sex life, but she has a heart shaped uterus and has miscarried twice, the last time being two months ago. After losing two of my children i am also depressed but I try to keep a positive attitude for her.

Our second miscarriage was in the second trimester and was very difficult as we both started to feel like “mommy and daddy”. We were “competing” over which gender it would be.

I thought the baby would be a boy so i bought a bunch of baseball stuff for babies, little hats and mitts. I also made my ringtone on my phone “watching scotty grow” by bobby goldsboro. Just sort of a playful thing since i joked we would name him after my grandpa scott, she wanted a girl and made hers that “girls want to have fun” song.

Anyway, the baby was a girl named Charlotte. Shes been despondent these past few months. I havent been exactly ecstatic either but she wont even eat some days.

I kept my ringtone the same for a little bit, partly because i was sad and partly because i forgot. She heard it one day and started crying terribly. I changed it, but i also resolved then to try and make her feel at least somewhat better.

Wife doesnt like cats and dogs arent allowed where we live but she had a hamster growing up. I bought a baby hamster with a big glass case and put a teeny tiny pink bow on her. I gave her to my wife with a card that said “Would you be my new mommy?”

She reacted terribly to it and said that it made her feel horrible and that i was being an insensitive asshole. Im just trying to help and the way she reacted put me on the defense so we got into an argument and arent on speaking terms since last friday. I keep the hamster with me on the coffee table as i sleep on the living room couch. Ive seen her play with it but she wont talk to me.



Is this a case of good intentions went wrong or plain insensitivity?
What do you think? Thoughful or Thoughtless?

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