Safe Toys for your Pet Hamster

Safe Toys for your Pet Hamster

When concerning yourself with your pet hamster’s health it is important to
understand hamster safety. Your hamster’s vet, or pet store owner (we recommend
adopting over buying) can go over basic safety with you concerning your hamster,
but to truly be safe, it is important for you to learn about hamster safety
before you ever get a pet hamster in the first place.

Being in charge of a pet hamster is like being in charge of a child—they
need constant care and your attention to be safe at all times. When learning
about hamster safety, make sure that you learn which toys are good for your hamsters
and which could be unsafe.

All hamsters need toys. Because your hamster will be in a cage much of the
time, toys provide entertainment and activity. Not having toys could lead to
bored, depression, and obesity in your pet hamster. However, if you choose the
wrong toys, your hamster could get hurt. But not all hamster toys made are appropriate
for every hamster.


First, consider the size of the toy. Hamsters come in many different sizes,
as do hamster toys. If you get a toy that is too small for your hamster, he or
she could eat it and choke, like can happen if you give a very young child a
small toy. However, toys that are too large could also be a problem. When a toy
is too large, not only will your hamster not be able to play with it, but he or
she may also be scared of it, or it could fall/swing and hurt your hamster. Buy
toys that your hamster can comfortably play with.


When purchasing toys, also read the label to make sure they are dyed with
natural things like vegetable dyes, or else they should be untreated
completely. Hamsters chew toys and will also chew on everything, so other materials could be
harmful. If your toys include metal parts, talk to your vet, because some
metals can make a hamster very sick in some cases.

When you purchase a toy, attaching it in your hamster’s cage is also an
important part of safety. Never use clips not made for this purpose, as they
can be made of an unsafe metal or snap off, causing your hamster to be hurt
when playing. Instead, use string to attach the toy or use clips made for hamster cages.

If you are good at DIY, you may also create some hamster diy toys which is all the better as it will have a more personal touch from you. 


If your hamster is ever injured by playing with a toy, make sure to get help right away as wound when left untreated could lead to infection and complications which can be so hurtful to your hamster.  

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