Interesting Hamster Stories


Hamster Ball
Once my hamster was in his run around ball and the cat was in the room so I had to keep a close watch on him. When Chessy would run, the cat would follow the ball and when he stopped, the cat would sit and wait for him to run around again. It was very funny- like Chessy was teasing the cat! No hamster was dangered either for those of you who are concerned because I was there the whole time and my cat is very tame.

Mirror Mirror
When we first got Cookie’s aquarium, she thought it didn’t have walls. She would launch herself at the wall only to bonk into it. Thrn she tried again. She was jumping off the food bowl.

Hamster Car Ride
I have been thinking of getting a hamster for my 10 year old for some time and finally did it one fine morning at her pleading. We chose the most adorable and active hamster and housed it in the sweetest cage.

On our drive back home, we realised the hamster had escaped from its cage but we couldn’t stop the car to seach, therefore waited till we got home. To our frustration, we were not able to find the little one anywhere! We left some hamster seeds and vegetable in the car in a container hoping it will appear again. But it never did!

All it did was leave behind a trail of destruction. We found damage to the car seat and seat belt on the first day of its disappearance. On the 2nd day, we discovered the passenger seat airbag damaged. The 3rd day revealed bite marks along the door area.

A trip to the mechanic approximated the repair cost to be a few hundred dollars. We added mouse traps, food traps but this little fellow was able to avoid them all.

No further signs of the hamster or destruction after the 4th day but we swore never to get a hamster again…

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