How Well Do They Know Their Hamsters?

To everyone else, hamsters are just cute, furry and quick little ones running in their hamster wheel. To Hamster lovers, small as they may be, they occupy of big portion of our heart. But just how well do we know about our little hams?

We spoke to some hamster mums;


Nugget is a rescue hamster, who is very nervous and it has taken me 3 months for him to even begin to sit on my hand 🤚 he is full of character, and he loves to run and dig even if it’s me, he will try and dig at my leg, nugget can surely punch a lot of love and affection for a tiny little chap he is 🐹
I also call him nuggs.
he is a Russian hamster and his colour is spotted
his favourite food it lettuce.
he loves to dig
he loves to sleep next to his carrot 🥕

–> Elizabeth Sawbridge (Liz), interior designer from England, West Midlands

Lil Dude

My hamsters name is Lil Dude, aka Lil Chonks or The Duder.
He was presented to me as a Winter White, and he has a black and white tuxedo color. His favorite veggie is cucumber and he LOVES Gerber puffs for treats!

His favorite place is in his custom built hide that my fiance made for him! When I’m holding him, he loves to sit in my hand and watch TV with me, but he loves being adventurous more than sitting still when he’s out of his cage!

My favorite thing to see him do, is sit and turn into a little chubby ball.
We are still getting used to each other, having only had him a few months, I don’t try to push him into being held, I let him come to me, and having a treat in my hand never hurts!

–> Brittany Poff, military uniforms maker from Tennessee


Forrest and his nicknames – Fojo, kipper, spud & ginger ninja….

Forrest and Dora are syrian hamster and are siblings but Forrest is long haired cinnamon & white while dora is short haired cinnamon & white.

Forrest favourite food is coconut & Dora loves lychee

D&E – Forrest- in his barney cage he loves his edible grass hut but mostly he just loves being out on free roam. He can’t get enough of it! As soon as he is awake he wants to be out.

Dora’s favourite place is in her barney cage is in her coconut, and when out of her cage, she just loves finding every single little gap she can squeeze through and keeping me on my toes. Hence her nickname Houdini 🙂 They are both super tame and friendly but would both rather go off exploring than having too many cuddles.

These 2 little monkeys are my first hamsters that I have ever owned. It began originally that I was temporarily looking after them while their previous owner went on holiday. I ended up keeping Forrest first, then I adopted Dora a few weeks later.

These 2 are not just hamsters to me.
They are my children.
They are so amazing and I love them to absolute pieces!

Dora and her nicknames – Pongo, Houdini & whora Dora (when she’s in heat)

–> Laul Roberts (Lauren) 🙂 works at a bar in London, UK.

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