How to Toilet Train Your Hamster

You may laugh at the thought of toilet training your hamster as such a thing you would probably have only heard of for dogs or cats.

It’s a fascination many hamster owners have…but it may just happen to you and your buddy if you try.

Can’t wait to toilet train your hamster?
Here are some suggested tips to try out!

How to Toilet Train Your Hamster

Toilet train your hamster with these easy steps

  • Start by observing where your hamster does it business. 

Instead of allocating a specific spot for you hamster to do its ‘business’, observe where they usually do it and put their litter box at that location. This ensures their ‘business’ stay in one spot which would be easier for your clean up later on.

  • Add hamster toilet litter in the litter box

Introduce your hamster to its toilet litter box by adding some of its droppings and dirty bedding from the cage. The presence and smell of droppings will give your hamster the assurance that is it safe to use the toilet litter box.

  • Separate your hamster’s sleeping and eating area

Hamsters may sometime sleep at the same area where they use their toilet. Ensure to have a separate container for their food far away from their toilet litter.

If the cage is rather large for your hamster or is multi tiered cage. Do consider having a 2nd toilet litter at its next preferred location.

  • Replace the toilet litter daily

Now that your hamster knows where to do its ‘business’, it’s time to be consistent in changing its dirty toilet litter on a daily basis. It will not only prevent to breeding of germs but also be a pleasant area both to you and your hamster buddies.

If only there is a way to flush!

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