How to decide on the perfect hamster for your family

Is there such a thing as finding that “perfect” hamster? They are all cute and fluffy right? But you may be surprised that besides being cute and fluffy, there are many other factors to consider before choosing that perfect hamster or hamsters..

Here are some simple tips that may be useful for your decision.

How to Decide On The Perfect Hamster?

Finding the perfect hamster is a combination of needs and wants!

  • Decide on the sex of your hamster or hamsters.

Do you want a male or a female fluffy in your house? Research the behaviors of both sex and consider also if you intend to breed your own hamsters.

If your intention is to have a lively cage with lots of hamsters running around, do take note that not all hamsters are suited to community life. The lack of space and food could cause them to fight each other and in certain cases leading to death.

Read up on hamsters colony or ask the expert at your local pet shop for advice on multiple hamsters living in one cage. For a start, Roborovski hamsters are the safest to place together in a cage as they are more comfortable with other Robos around them.

However, enough space and food is still an important condition for housing Roborovskis. Robos can eat, play and sleep in the same cage but if you find your Robos at a distance from each other, it is adviceable to separate them for a while before introducing them to each other again. Buying a pair of brothers or sisters Roborovskis is often the ideal situation.

  • Who is ultimately responsible for the hamster

Hamsters are lovely and adorable, but also requires a lot of tender loving care! From taking care of their food and diet to changing their bedding and overall maintenance of their living conditions. Also not forgetting to toilet train your hamsters. A commitment of a certain degree is required for taking care of hamsters.

  • Discuss about the lifespan of hamsters. 

Hamsters generally live about 2 human years. An older hamster will more likely have a shorter stay in your home than a baby hamster.

If you are taking care of hamsters with your children, this is a factor to consider as it will have an effect on them as well.

  • Set aside a specific spot for your hamster. 

It is understood that your hamster lives with you more specifically where do you intend to place its cage or tank and constant changing of its location can cause stress to the fluffy one.

Hamsters are adorable and easy to fall in love with. And with the correct mindset and attitude, you should have no problem finding the perfect hamster for your family!

What type of Hamster does you and your family want?

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