Escaped Hamsters Stories (Prison Break!)

Hamster Home Sweet Home
I have a story! my hamster has escaped a few times and every time it seemed like my hamster got homesick so i left the cage open and every time we would find my hamster in the cage fast asleep! :)

Kitchen Theif
My hamster knows how to open his cage door, and he did at night. And he was hiding in the kitchen. We found him the next day.

House Hamster
My hamster Riggy always crawls back into his cage when we have him out, he hooks his paws and his teeth over the door frame and pulls himself back in! CHEEKY HAMMY!

Gone for holiday
When I was about 7 years old I got a cream banded, short-haired syrian hamster with black eyes called Holly. Apparently we had a really close bond and I looked after her very well. She hardly ever bit and instead of rushing around she bumbled about and enjoyed cuddles.

One time when I was about 8 I was a bit careless and left the door open, to find she’d escaped. Luckily the room she was kept in was fairly hamster proof and we detected her under the bed, with a pile of bedding and food. My then 6 year old sister was the only one small enough to crawl under and retrieve her – and she was so gentle with her!

After that Holly lived happily for another year or so until I was 9, and we went on holiday to Orkney, while a neighbour looked after her. Unfortunately despite the neighbour’s excellent care, Holly escaped again and this time we never saw her again. We had two cats at the time, both good mousers… For a short while afterwards we found droppings that were significantly bigger than a mouse’s, so we knew she was still alive.

There was always plenty of food available in our house, hence the mice, and water was available in the from the water tank (there was a small area where there was access to it), and plenty of space in the walls. She at least had a fighting chance. We left treats out and the ladder going into her cage, but we never got her back.
-Catherine Spark

Hamster playing SuperMario
My first hamster (about 12 years ago), Bilbo escaped from his cage and we couldn’t find him anywhere. We lifted the floorboards in the bathroom as my sister thought she had heard him scratching away. I left food and bedding hoping he would return. Then about a week and half after he went missing, my sister was brushing her teeth and suddenly screamed! There was Bilbo… he has burnt scabby feet from the hot water pipes but otherwise was ok.

As I was only about 10 at the time, I wrote my story down and sent to my favourite magazine at the time, Girl Talk. I got it printed in the magazine and still have a copy of the page now! Good times!

Hamster had enough exercise
Oakie escaped from his exercise ball today! I was doing my own thing at my desk, and he was running around the floor in his ball. Suddenly I heard a noise under the desk and I looked down and there was Oakie – not surrounded by the exercise ball – heading for the crack between the desk and the wall!

If he’d gone down I wouldn’t have dared to move it in case I crushed him. Anyway, after recovering from the shock I picked him up and put him back in the cage, where he sat there looking all pleased with himself and doing his ‘Wanna come out’ look. So I put him back in his exercise ball, with a bit of sellotape for extra security.

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