Complete List of Christmas Gifts for Hamster Lovers

The season of giving is just around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Christmas and if you are thinking of a few gifts for hamster lovers, check out this complete list of Christmas gifts for hamster lovers!


You will find funny gifts, house decor items, clothing and more that are all great gifts for hamster lovers! Give a gift that is a bit different this holiday season and put a smile on that hamster lover’s face!

I have a friend who is obsessed with anything hamstery or hamsterly. In short anything that has a hamster on it or is in the shape of a hamster. She has pencils, water bottles, hand phone case, clothes that has an image of hamster on it.

Do you know someone like that? Then you know this list of gifts is perfect for them!

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Hamster Lovers 


Slide into a pair of hamster slippers. These big fat hamsters will do more than keeping your feet warm and cozy at home.

Snuggle in bed with this cute huggable plush.

This hamster t-shirt says, ‘I just really love my Hamster ok.’ This one is sure to put a laugh and a smile on their face! I absolutely am in love with this silly shirt.

You can never go wrong with a hamster mug, this one is funny for any working adults out there! Add in a few coffee bags, hot chocolate mixes, or tea bags and you have yourself a simple and fun gift.

Yes that’s right! This is my hamsters, my house, my home!

The Hamster Lovers in Your Life will Love these Gifts

Surprise your hamster lover friend by recording your voice with a talking hamster. This hamster will mimic your every word in his funny and high pitched voice. Makes a hilariously fun Christmas gift for your kids or your boyfriend /girlfriend.

Love your hamsters and proud to show it off? Get a hamster mom tshirt! What better way to show your love!

Keep your feet warm this cold season with hamster socks?

Know a hamster lover who also loves some bling? Give them this lovely baby hamster stud earrings, definitely a great addition to any jewelry collection

The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Holiday Decor. Christmas Stockings Socks Plaid Santa Claus Candy Gift Bag Xmas Tree Hanging Ornament Decoration. Suitable for decorating your Christmas tree at home. Not only does it increase the warm atmosphere of Christmas, it is also a great Christmas gift.

All i want for Christmas is a hamster!  Yes when hints or little clues don’t work, you gotta make it loud ya?!

Even More Christmas Gifts for Hamster Lovers

This weight lifting poster is too funny, and at the same time so inspiring.

The ultimate hamster care guide! This is certainly a useful gift!
Do you already own a hamster but want to learn more about how to care for it properly? Then this complete guide to hamster care is exactly what you are looking for. It will provide you with all the information you need.

Feeling some stress from work or life. This cute hamster squishy would be your best companion to relieve stress and increase blood circulation of hands.

Looking for a more sentimental gift, do this Willow Tree figurine that is holding a cat. Showing it loves the friendship and special bond between owner and cat.

Hamsters erasers! Would you even bear to use them?

Keep your feet nice and cosy with these fun hamster socks.

A fun way to show how much you love your hamster with this, I work hard so my hamster can have a better life mug! Add a personality to your office or home today!

Snuggle up and stay warm with this hamster printed sweatshirt! In the colder months, I live in hoodies and sweatshirts, and this looks like a good collection for my kids.

Still More Christmas Gifts for Hamster Lovers

A set of hamster mom pajamas you might want to consider. It’s comfortable, it’s adorable!

Sorry I have Plans with My Hamster tote bag! Totally true scenario for many of our nights! We totally understand if you or your friend is guilty of this!

Hamster dads, how can we forget you. Here’s your hamster dad coffee mug!

Hilarious Hamster Butt Magnets to stick on your fridge and laugh at  the view of silly hamster butts.

Hamster calendar. Get ready for the new year that’s coming right up!

I would definitely love to receive any of above this Christmas! How about you?


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