Busy Hamsters Have Facebook Talking

We love hamsters for their cuteness and fluffiness. And it is always so interesting to see them go running round round in their hamster wheel.

In this video clip, we see a group of hamsters seemingly trying to build a ‘campfire’ with their carrot sticks in the centre of their enclosure.

But 1 particular hamster had other ideas and tries to break up the party taking away a piece of carrot each time another hamster puts on down.

This repetitive exchange is so hilarious that had all of us wondering what’s going on here! LoL

The video has gone mega-viral, garnering over 34 million views, over a million shares, and almost a million likes on Facebook alone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dad and son on Ellen soon, holding their own chatting with the daytime talk show host.

The video has gone viral on facebook garnering over 350k views, with over 6k shares, and almost 5k likes on Facebook in a short period of time.

Viewers have commented how this scenario is like how much time they spend every day tidying up the house only to have their kids mess up.

In the workplace, it was referred to some trouble makers who are always negative and causing disruption to projects

Cuteness and fun aside. In case you were wondering, this group of hamsters are siblings and video was taken just before they were about to be separated.

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