You have to see this not cute video

You have to see this

 This is NOT a cute video! ☹️

This hamster suffers from a neurological issue, which is what is causing him to display this odd behaviour. This behaviour is called ‘back swimming’ and it is debilitating to his mental and physical health. Most hamsters with neurological compulsions such as this starve to death or die of dehydration or exhaustion as the condition affects their ability to eat, drink, and sleep normally.

[Credit goes to Tony Adler for the educational explanation.]

Back stoking / Back swimming / Circling  

If your hamster moves awkwardly, running round aimlessly, doing back flips or back swimming, then this could be a condition known as ‘circling’ or ‘back swimming’ and could be an indication that something is wrong with your hamster.

Perhaps the most common causes could be ear infection. It is thankfully, a treatable condition. Your vet would be able to prescribe a medicine for your hamster to help with its condition and they should stop circling in a while.

If your hamster shows signs of circling, it’s best to take your hamster to your vet as it may be something more serious, for instance damage to the brain or a stroke.

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